R.A. Cohen Consulting, located at 6241 Chalfont Circle Wilmington, NC, US 28405 is committed to fostering trust and certainty by offering top-notch pre-employment solutions, including automated reference checks, lead generation, and criminal background checks. This Policy outlines our practices in the collection, use, and sharing of your personal information.


Who We Are and Who Are You?

This privacy policy applies to the following groups:

  • Consumers: Individuals whose information we process for our services.
  • Clients: Organizations or individuals using our services.
  • Website Visitors: Individuals of legal age accessing our website. We do not collect information from anyone under the age of thirteen (13). Concerns about a child’s information should be directed to privacy@racohenconsulting.com. 


What Information Do We Process at R.A. Cohen Consulting?

Non-Personal Information Processing:

  • We process non-personal information to analyze trends and usage patterns on our website and platform.
  • Non-Personal Information refers to aggregated or anonymized data that does not identify individuals.

Website Visitor Information Processing:

  • We collect data such as operating system, device identifier, browser type, IP address, screen resolution, page views, duration on pages, access times, and general location information (city, state, geographic area).

Client Personal Information Processing:

  • When subscribing to our services, clients provide information like name, email, business name, business and billing addresses, phone number, etc.

Consumer Personal Information Processing:

  • We collect personal information voluntarily provided for background checks, with the type of data varying based on local regulations and service requests.


Table: Personal Information Collection at R.A. Cohen Consulting
Personal Information Reason for Collection Source of Collection
Name(s) Identification; background checks Provided by user, public records, credit agencies, third parties
Date of Birth Identification Provided by user
Place of Birth Required for some services Provided by user
ID Documentation and Biometric Data Identity verification through facial recognition for OneID Service Provided by user
Contact Information Service provision; communication Provided by user, credit agencies, public records
Government-Issued ID Numbers Required for accessing records Provided by user
Criminal History and Police Records Criminal background checks Law enforcement, government agencies, public records
Credit or Bankruptcy History Financial background checks Credit reporting agencies, public records
Employment History Employment verification User, clients, employers, record-keeping service providers
Education History Education verification User, clients, educational institutions, government education authorities
Professional Credentials and Memberships Professional standing verification User, clients, professional organizations, public records
Opinions about You Reference interviews, employment verification User, clients, employers, record-keeping service providers
Government Watch or Sanctions Lists Compliance checks Law enforcement, government agencies
Eligibility to Work Employment eligibility verification User, clients, government agencies
Driving Records Driving history checks User, clients, government agencies
Directorship and Corporate Governance History Verification of corporate involvement User, clients, public records, corporations
Public Record Information and Negative Media Obtaining public record information User, clients, government agencies, public records
Telephone Call Recordings Quality assurance and training Calls with user


How Do We Process Personal Information at R.A. Cohen Consulting?

Collection and Processing of Personal Information:

  • Most of the Personal Information we collect is provided directly by you or through our clients.
  • Our processes for collecting and handling Personal Information are designed to be as automated and efficient as possible, subject to strict quality controls.
  • We regularly audit our data and update any inaccuracies, either identified internally or reported by you.

When Providing Services Directly to Consumers:

  • You decide the type of Personal Information we collect and its intended use.
  • We process your information upon receiving your explicit consent, ensuring compliance with relevant laws.
  • You retain control and ownership of your Personal Information and may request its correction or deletion at any time.

When Providing Services to Clients:

  • Clients instruct us on the specific Personal Information to be collected and the methods of collection.
  • Clients are responsible for ensuring that Consumers are adequately informed and have consented to the collection and processing of their Personal Information in line with applicable laws.
  • Personal Information is collected and processed in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner, aligned with the agreed-upon purposes.
  • Clients ensure the accuracy of Personal Information and, where necessary, its timely update, rectification, or erasure.

Our Responsibilities:

  • We execute services as instructed by our Client or Consumer, adhering to their guidelines and applicable legal standards.
  • We implement robust safeguards to protect Personal Information against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification, considering the sensitivity of the data.
  • We fulfill any legal responsibilities we have as a data processor or custodian under applicable laws.
  • Collection of Personal Information for security purposes is grounded in our legitimate interest and legal obligations to secure the data we hold.

Updates to the Policy

This policy may be updated periodically. Continued use of our website and services signifies agreement to the revised policy.


What Personal Information Do We Collect, Why, How, and From Whom?

We collect various types of Personal Information for account management, service provision, and legal compliance. The legal basis for processing includes consent, contractual necessity, legal obligations, and legitimate interest.

Cross-Border Data Processing

Data may be transferred across borders for services like U.S. criminal checks. We implement measures to ensure data protection in these instances.

Third-Party Access and Data Sharing

Data may be accessible to third parties like auditors, partners, and for legal compliance. We do not sell or disclose Personal Information beyond these purposes.

Data Storage and Protection

As a growing startup, we prioritize the security of your Personal Information with effective measures suitable for our scale. These measures protect against unauthorized access, loss, and misuse, and are continually evaluated for enhancement.

Data Retention

Personal Information is retained as needed for service provision and legal obligations. Upon request, we deactivate accounts and remove information, subject to legal retention requirements.

Exercising Privacy Rights

Users can exercise rights such as access, rectification, and erasure by contacting privacy@racohenconsulting.com. We will respond to requests in accordance with legal timelines.

Additional Jurisdictional Considerations

We comply with regional laws and regulations, including provisions for users in different jurisdictions.

Use of Cookies

We use cookies for site functionality and analysis. Users can manage cookie preferences through their browser settings.

Contact Information and Privacy Officer

Questions or requests related to this policy can be directed to Elvine at privacy@racohenconsulting.com.

Consent and Notification

User consent for data collection and processing is obtained as outlined in this policy. Users are notified about the policy at sign-up and through email updates.



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