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Since 1991, we have focused exclusively on the staffing industry as M&A advisors and we believe there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. 

At R.A. Cohen Consulting, we develop customized staffing industry company buying and selling solutions that work for your business, your culture, and the values that drive the success of your organization.

Our approach – centered on honesty, effectiveness, and acceptable value – has resulted in faster, more efficient integration and streamlined unions of staffing businesses, and hundreds of successful transactions and satisfied clients.

No matter what size or how complex the transaction is, we add value by meeting your goals and objectives.

Through our honest assessment of each situation, even if the truth can seem harsh at times, we provide you with all the information (both good and bad) you need to make the best decision for your future.

Our core focus and specialization in the staffing industry gives you the assurance that we have full visibility into the trends within this industry.  We are the experts.

Strategic Staffing Company Merger and Acquisition Consulting

At R.A. Cohen Consulting we provide a complete, and strategic consulting service. We are here with you every step of the way. As specialists in the M&A process, we understand all of the potential issues that could occur along the way and we use our extensive industry experience to ensure they don’t become a problem for your transaction. 

Our approach will ensure you get the right deal, whether you are buying or selling a business.

Selling a Business

Selling your staffing business is an important decision. What you decide will have far-reaching effects on yourself, your family, the customers and employees of your business. R.A. Cohen Consulting will help you sell your business at the right time, to the right company – maximizing your return on investment and empowering you to take control of your future.

Buying a Business

Are you looking to grow your successful staffing firm through acquisition? As a well-respected leader in the valuation and sale of staffing firms, we will ensure you get the best deal possible – increasing the value of your business and improving your market share.

Scale your Staffing Agency

Scale your Staffing agency with R.A.Cohen Expert service. Scaling a service involves strategically expanding its capabilities, reach, and efficiency to accommodate growing demands. This process requires a comprehensive approach that includes technology, infrastructure, and workforce.

Value your Staffing Agency

Elevate your business with R.A.Cohen‘s expert Valuation Services. Our professionals bring precision and insight to the assessment of your company’s worth, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of its financial landscape


Client Experience

What our clients say about us

"Concept’s Consultant did a great job on CLD analysis. This provided great insight for us and will continue to help us make better decisions as we grow. This took several weeks and many revisions due to additional questions. I wanted to make sure you know what a great job he is doing!"
Eloise Smith
, San Francisco Customer
”R. A. Cohen Consulting brokered the sale of our company, CoreLink Staffing Services, Inc (CSS). The deal closed in February, 2006. We were very pleased with their efforts. R. A. Cohen Consulting exceeded our expectations! Bob and Sam found a qualified buyer and negotiated a fair price and the terms we wanted within four months. We have worked with Bob and Sam in the past and they have consistently demonstrated the highest level of knowledge, skill, experience and integrity.”
Linda J. Haesler
President, CoreLink Staffing
“I retained Bob for a project and I was very pleased with his work! Bob is very thorough, professional, and easy to communicate with. I would highly recommend Bob and his company! Great results, great value.”
Patti Bossert
President and CEO, Premier Employment Solutions & Key Staffing
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